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Voices on Field

"Teachers, government teachers – both are to blame. Teachers are burdened by the department; they are involved in too many extra duties – so their motivation to run such program is low. But on the other hand, even teachers have stopped performing their primary duty with integrity & sincerity."
- Director for Public Instructions (Primary)
Dept. of Education, Government of Karnataka

Akshara’s ARP has really helped our children. The time we give for the child to imagine the story has been useful;the child is now more eager to speak and, expressherself. This has improved their vocabulary and communication skills.”.
- Vanajakshi, HM, GKHPS, Hosagurudahalli

ARP has benefited our children. Children are learning. They have really liked the reading cards. The methodology is simple and the story cards are very attractive. How about converting the entire textbook into a set of cards? Make them 4 page cards with a centre fold, wherein the first 2 sides contain the story, and the next two sides are worksheets. Upto class 4 this can be done easily. This will also save the children from carrying heavy loads to school…they will have to bring the card pertaining to the lesson planned for the day.”
- Chandrashekar, Senior Teacher, GKMPS, Hosahalli

Children are more confident now. When a child learns to read, the boosted self-confidence reflects in the general behavior of the child. This programme has made them realize their learning potential. They pay better attention to normal classes also. When children understand, it’s easier to make them concentrate on their lesson.”
Majula, teacher, GKHPS, Jakkarayanakere

Initially it was very difficult to make teachers accept the programme. They were not willing to spend separate time for ARP. When we visited schools, we enquired about the programme; made them feel it is important. Also our BEO kept asking us how the programme was going. Overall there was a certain pressure from our (department) end to make the programme succeed.”
Ravindra, CRP, S2 block, Dept. of Education, Govt. of Karnataka

The story cards are very good – colorful, & striking. Our children are very happy to receive the cards. Because of the ARP class in the afternoon, children stay in the school the entire day. Attendance has improved. The stories relate to our daily routine; children find it easy to understand. They also impart moral lessons.”
V. Manjula, GKMPS, Attiguppe

The reading programme is just the beginning. We should retain the interest generated by dedicating 2 classes a week exclusively to reading activities. Ultimately it is our responsibility to make children read. Unfortunately we have fallen short in the last few years. The ARP has re-focused attention on reading & learning. This is a welcome change in the government system.”
Yashodha Bopanna, BEO – S2 bock, Dept. of Education, Govt. of Karnataka

The ARP has benefited our children. We should now focus on making this programme reach every child in our state. All children will only be helped not harmed by such a good programme.”
C B Jairanga, BEO N2 Block, Dept. of Education, Govt. of Karnataka

This is first time that an NGO initiative has been so widely accepted by our government teachers & implemented well. The results speak for themselves. The programme is here to stay.”
DPI – Primary, Dept. of Education, Govt. of Karnataka

"For a teacher, it is best satisfaction when a child is able to read. Earlier, we had so many children in one class; we could not focus individually on children who were slow in reading. This program has really helped these children. Such program will make children interested in studies, as they start understanding/following lessons taught in class."
Parimala, teacher, GLPS, Anandrao Circle

"In our school, most of the children are from Tamil background. They were not interested in Kannada, as they did not understand the language, could not read it. Now, with the ARP, they have started picking up letters & words; some of them are even teaching their parents how to read at home."
Khurshidunnisa, teacher, GTLPS, Chamrajpet

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